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SMT – Software development company from Poland constantly enhances the competencies vital to the development of mobile applications. We design, develop and deploy projects for most of the major mobile platforms such as: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

We create low-level software (e.g. compression algorithms, sound and picture transmission, encryption, image analysis etc.), business software (e.g. for sales representatives), software for marketing (e.g. ad games) etc.

Low-level Software

Low-level software

Business software

Business software

Software for marketing

Software for marketing

Extensive know-how

What makes us special and differentiates us from others is that we have wide experience and extensive know-how in building both mobile applications as well as web solutions. We are specialists in developing integrated multi-platform applications and providing full range of services related to multi-platform custom mobile solutions.

Wide experience

SMT Software’s broad experience ranes from Symbian and J2ME to today’s most popular operating systems, namely iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We also provide hybrid apps development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

100+ projects

We deliver high-quality, stable applications. So far we have completed over 100 mobile & web-based projects (and counting). Given that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements – and thus cannot be shown here – we are open to discuss more in person to present full range of our capabilities. Here are just a few examples of our work.

Extensive know-how

What makes us special and differentiates us from others is that we have strong experience and extensive know-how into building both Mobile Applications and Web Solutions. That makes us a perfect match for development of integrated multiplatform applications. We provide full stack of services related to multi-platform custom mobile development.

Vast experience

Having vast experience starting from development of Symbian and J2ME up to today’s most popular operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Phone we also provide hybrid apps development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Over 100+ projects

Delivering high-quality stable applications we completed over 100+ mobile & web based projects and counting. Below are a few examples of our mobility experience. Given that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements – thus cannot be shown here – we are open to discuss more in person to present full range of our capabilities.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5


iPhone / iPad OS

iOS is an operating system created by Apple for their iPhone and iPad devices. From the very beginning the system was planned to be closed-source software.

The popularity of those dedicated mobile devices and the stability of the architecture based on UNIX make iOS a good choice for mobile business application platforms. Attention to detail in creating software environment and

accompanying mobile ecosystem, attractive design of the mobile devices combined with the huge popularity of Apple’s solutions make iOS the first choice for mobile apps developers when implementing commercial solutions.

Our developers have designed mobile applications utilising native APIs and application frameworks. We deliver both front-end applications and back-end services.

All the business apps we prepare for the iOS platform must pass the rigorous qualification process of Apple’s AppStore. As a result, we are certain that the apps meet all the requirments.


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Android is one of the most popular software platforms for mobile devices. Its competitive edge results mostly from its openness and the ability to integrate its applications into corporate systems.

Since Android was never planned to be a closed system, it is possible to freely implement custom solutions and final versions of mobile applications for various devices from multiple manufacturers, which also represent different performance levels. The variety of target devices allows to

easily implement mobile solutions based on Android OS for a large number of different devices. Android OS has all the advantages of an open platform and provides access to all codes, which is why we believe Android OS is a good choice for business app developers.

We have provided a full range of mobile development services for the Android platform. Our solid background in Java technologies has made it a natural step for us to enhance our expertise and experience in the Android applications.

Now, with over 100 completed project related to mobile and web development, we are a proven partner in mobile application development.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

We also create business mobile applications based on Modern UI – the graphical interface of the Windows Phone platform.

We create native applications and use the programming language native to the Windows Phone platform. As a result our business applications are always highly dependable, compliant with the design standards and adapted to the newest version of Windows Phone OS. All mobile business solutions we create for Windows Phone must pass the qualification process of the official application store.

As a result you can be certain that the applications were designed, prepared, optimised and implemented by us with due diligence.


We create advanced internet and intranet websites, focusing on the technological aspects of programming, configuration and integration of the CMS engine, testing and implementation.

Through the years, we have participated in projects based on various technologies, e.g. .NET, PHP, HTML, Java/J2EE, PYTHON, Ruby on Rails.









Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

We implement our solutions based on a variety of CMS platforms such as:












Adobe CQ5

EPiServer CMS


Kentico CMS


telerik sitefinity cms

Telerik Sitefinity

SAP Hybris


We help companies become more customer-centric.

It is people, processes and technology that allow manage customer relationship. Before implementing the software, we analyse people’s requirements, processes they follow and then implement a business solution tailored to the needs of the company. We offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM with comprehensive management features that can be well-customized to suit real-life challenges across multiple industries.

GIS Systems

We design and implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used for entering, processing, collection and visualisation of spatial data.

website expertise

The solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of clients. Our GIS projects are in place particularly in environmental protection institutions.

The technology we use depends on the infrastructure preferred by our clients (in the implementation proces of a project, we base our work on GeoMedia, GIS, Prolog, PL/SQL, Oracle and J2EE). We also use available open-source tools, which help us to optimise the implementation costs.

Domain expertise

We understand the distinctive needs and specific domain processes of our clients’ businesses and provide services which meet them perfectly.

Thanks to our extensive domain expertise and a wide range of technology, we develop a variety of solutions for different industry verticals:


Finance and banking

Industry and energy

Media and marketing





Logistics and automotive